Perhaps you already know that to manage social media presence is an essential part of digital marketing, especially for companies.

Since most businesses and potential buyers are found on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, it makes sense that social media marketing has grown so much.

That’s why it’s important to optimize how you manage social media!

Therefore, in this article you will find the best advice, tips and information directly from an agency specializing in social media management, helping you to make the most of your marketing channels!

Come check out how to manage social media in this post!

How to Manage Social Media: 5 Essencial Steps you Must do

What is social media management?

Social media management can be defined as strategic planning aimed at these channels, with the aim of improving your brand image and disclosing it to the right audience.

Management is a set of actions that you must carry out routinely and on all your profiles on social networks to get closer to your buyer personas, retain your followers and, consequently, achieve your goals.

These actions range from once you’ve established your social media strategy, to reviewing published content; to know what is being done well and what you can improve to optimize your content and engage with your audience.

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What is the importance on how to manage social media?

As we said above, managing social media is essential in this digitized era, where not only commerce, but also day-to-day routines and culture are increasingly taking place on social networks.

In fact, today the Internet has over 3 billion users, many of whom interact on social media.

It is for this reason that it has become increasingly important to manage social media, especially for companies and individual entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Which platforms you should choose to manage social media

The most effective digital marketing techniques are those that take this new reality into account and use social media to connect with your target audience and publicize your proposals.

But of course it’s not that simple: you need to have a very clear profile of the target audience to know where to find them.

Having defined the predominant qualities of the social group your marketing campaigns are aimed at, the next step is to define which social networks your target audience is on.

This instance is fundamental, and you should do it before dedicating yourself to planning strategies and managing social networks.

At this stage, the objective is to identify, based on the characteristics of your target audience, which social media are used for information, entertainment and socialization, in order to carry out your campaigns from there and maximize their effectiveness.

Now, for this, it is necessary to know the qualities of the main social platforms:


It is the largest social media in the world, with over a billion users. Due to its large size, it is very likely that your target audience is contained within this platform.

Therefore, it is essential to include it in your social media strategies. In addition, it has a very effective and personalized advertising service.


It is the most important social media for professionals, which makes it essential in their campaigns on social networks (especially if they are dedicated to B2B marketing).

There you can create a job profile for yourself and pages for your company and products. This will favor your exposure and positioning.


This platform stands out for its newness value, as its posts advance in real time.

That’s why it’s ideal for covering events and publicizing your brand’s new information. In addition, its content rating system through the use of hashtags is perfect for spreading proposals and connecting with people interested in your sector.


YouTube is one of the most popular channels on the internet, as it belongs to the same company that owns Google, it stands out for its number of users and possibilities for ads and reach.

For this reason, its use is possibly a determining factor in terms of positioning in digital marketing.

YouTube’s management is a great way to promote your brand, bringing quality and enriching content to your audience.


It is ideal for displaying your products, as it allows you to upload high quality photos of your merchandise and classify them into categories or panels, for users to find through the search engine.

Also, if your audience is mostly female, your chances of being successful with Pinterest increase, as more than 80% of your members are women.


This ever-growing social network focuses on image and video, so it’s also perfect for showcasing your products or telling visual stories related to your services.

Also, due to the recent Instagram update, advertisers have increasingly effective targeting tools.

Also, Instagram, I gathered the best of each platform, due to its varied content in the form of stories, Reels, images and even texts.

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5 Steps to Effectively Manage Social Media

The first step to manage social media 100% effectively is to have previously developed a strategy in accordance with the general marketing plan of the company.

In this way, it will be possible to establish the platforms where your target audience is present, the goals you want to achieve and the actions you will take to achieve it.

Only after you have all this well established can you start properly managing your social media content.

It’s time to put theory aside and focus on the main part of today’s article, how to manage social media effectively.

  1. Audit all of your content

Creativity flows, you open your computer and start working to create your social media plan, but… What content should you publish? Where do you begin?

Surely you recognize this situation, and that’s it; It’s one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to managing social media, when you don’t have a content audit.

Therefore, our recommendation is that, before starting to create your publications, you review all the content you have.

This way, it will be much easier for you to create a social media plan, in addition to guaranteeing a space between your publications for all that content that you have been working on for a long time. Even to breathe new life into old content.

  1. Create long-term content plans

The truth is, time is money, and I guarantee you can verify this by comparing the time invested in creating social media posts per day versus creating a long-term publishing plan.

It can be difficult at first to come up with a posting plan for an entire month. Don’t worry, start with a week, it will always be much more ideal than daily.

In managing social media, we create all the planning for our clients, this helps organize posts and make changes when necessary. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of our service!

  1. Create relevant content for your audience

To create the best content to share on your social networks, you must take into account the profile of the buyer.

Find out what worries you, what you want, what your desires are and, of course, what content you share and like to see among your followers.

If you don’t want your effort to go unnoticed, you need to create quality content for your audience.

On the internet, we are exposed to an overproduction of publications. Think about it, how many Facebook and Instagram posts can you see per day?

Surely most of you don’t even pay much attention, and that is, how many subtitles do you read? If your post doesn’t grab attention from the start, you’re lost.

Focus your efforts on making your posts stand out from the rest to grab the attention of your followers. Once you get it, you can charm them with really interesting content.

For this, it is important that you know well which formats and types of publication work best on each social network.

  1. Adapt your content and tone to each social network

If you want to share an adorable kitty video, you probably do it on Facebook or Instagram, right? But, would you consider posting it on LinkedIn?

Unless this kitty is a successful entrepreneur giving tips, it is likely that this content does not match the business platform.

This is because every social media has an identity, and while Instagram and Facebook are often used to share entertainment content, LinkedIn is known for its commercial approach.

  1. Build strong relationships with your audience

Many company profiles err on the side of “being what they are” a company page on social media. A mere bulletin board that posts content but doesn’t build relationships and links with your followers.

Undoubtedly, this is not the right way to use a social network, because… Well, we can use influencers as an example, they also become a brand in a certain way, but even so, their content usually engages with the public and entertains them.

Your company should do the same thing, betting on content that is really relevant to your audience, in order to make your brand the main choice of your target audience.

After all, it is essential to interact and negotiate quickly and directly with your customers and the general public, in short; with your followers and social media users.

Certainly, the impact of social listening and engagement is one of the most important parts of social media. But if you’re wondering, “how do I do this?”.

The answer is that you should spend some time every day exchanging messages with your audience and interacting on different social networks.

It’s about not looking like a robot, but humanizing your company profile. Actively listen to find out what your followers like, reply to comments, return likes, follow and invite new leads to follow you.

  1. Measure the results

How will you know if you’ve reached your social media goals if you don’t measure the results?

One of the keys to any social media strategy is metrics. Being able to establish the correct key indicators, interpret them and decide the most appropriate one based on the data obtained.

To do this, we recommend that once a month, and depending on your content plans, you review which publications have worked best, the type of publication that receives the most interactions, the days and times your audience is present, etc.

This will help you to continue creating and adapting content to your buyers’ preferences and finding success on your social media profiles.

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Wrapping it up

This is the end of our practical guide on how to manage social media, we hope that these steps, recommendations and tips will help you manage and optimize your profiles on these platforms.

With the advancement of digital media, being close to your audience is essential, and the possibilities that social media management can offer you are countless.

Therefore, if you want to take the management of your social networks a step further, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here at the digital marketing agency, we are pleased to be able to help you with the strategy, content creation, control and monitoring of your social networks.

Visit our website and check the social media plans and prices!

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