Companies that don’t use social networks are losing customers and the recognition they could have.

That is why successful companies rely on social networks, as this communication channel helps them adapt to trends that allow them to meet their objectives as a company and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Surely you have noticed that many companies are using social networks.

And it’s normal for you to be curious to know what the process is like. In a digital marketing agency, a service option is the management of social networks.

See in this post how much social media management costs!

How much social media marketing cost in Canada?

How much social media marketing cost in Canada?

Social media advertising plans are a great option to get your brand out there today.

Usually, marketing agencies define several packages categorized by theirs benefits and different price points.

In most cases, the cost of social media management is in between $500 to $5000 depending on the contracted service.

A service like this can include creating graphic design for ads, creating an advertising campaign on social networks, creating texts, editing short videos, among others.

A big advantage to this service is that marketing agencies also have a 100% personalized package. It includes the same as the previous packages, although it adjusts to other needs that the company may have.

Another important point to highlight is that investment in digital platforms can be a separate price, as in the case of ads on social networks, for example.

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How much does a digital marketing agency cost?

The advancement of technology has increased the use of social networks in small and large companies. That’s because it’s a tool that can work very successfully, regardless of industry.

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) conducted a study where it found that advertising on the Internet has about 90% of importance today.

This data only demonstrates one fact, which is that a business or company that does not live on social networks is as if it did not exist. Through social media, your brand can gain more by building trust and reach.

How much does social media management cost?

Now, it is very important to have a good social media strategy if you want to get good results.

In fact, to achieve this goal, it is important to have the help of professionals. A digital marketing agency can be your ally in social media management.

The real cost of social networks can be calculated based on the type of service, check the starting price table below:

Bronze – $390/month

Silver – $ 890/month

Gold – $ 1190/month

The management of social networks prices will be related to the number of social networks that are managed at the same time. Therefore, social media management plans have different values to cover the added benefits.

What influences the cost of social media management?

Social media management can include a large number of services. In addition, there are other factors that make it difficult to establish fixed prices for all packages. Therefore, it is preferable to make some approximations.

There are many elements that can interfere with the price of social media management packages, check out what they are:

  1. The type of services

Depending on the type of service selected, prices will vary.

In some cases, the rate is fixed hourly or monthly. In fact, it can also be set up as a project where content creation should be included.

The texts, videos and images will be part of the service and their quality depends on the performance of the professionals.

  1. Number of channels under management

This is one of the most important points for pricing social media management. As more communication channels have to be managed, the price will increase.

  1. Paid advertising

Posts can be combined with paid traffic. But, as we said, it requires an extra investment to get good results. However, the professional must also be remunerated for carrying out this procedure.

Why should you hire social media management service?

These are some of the advantages of having the service:

As you can see, the real cost of social networks will depend on the types of services, and only a professional will know how to handle these communication channels well.

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