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our process

How we help your channel grow

1. Analysis
We start by making a deep analysis of your channel and your niche. We’ll narrow down who your competitors are and who your target audience is, gathering all the information to present the best possible solution later
2. Discussion

After understanding better your niche, we’ll have a meeting with you to understand what challenges you’re facing and what are the results and goals you want to achieve with your channel

3. Solution
Once the niche, challenge, and goals are clear, we’ll be able to develop a personalized solution that best fits your channel and will better help you achieve your goals
We help individuals, small companies and big companies alike.

what we offer

Digital Marketing Agency
Duna’s Services

If you are a professional YouTuber or want to be one, we can help. We take great care of your career as an influencer.
Need video editing? Whether it’s an institutional project, for your company or a video for your channel, our team is ready to help you!
We can help you reach more people in other platforms as well. Your brand and product can benefit from expanding to other social media.

our pricing

Choose the best Youtube plan for you

the statistics

The main youtube metrics

The number of views for both the channel and the individual videos should be monitored frequently. It shows whether your videos are enticing more people to view them.
This metric shows an estimated average of minutes watched per view for each video posted. It is worth mentioning that the period for this analysis can also be edited.
Another very important data for content creators is the viewing time in hours of the channel. It is used to calculate the monetization of your channel
This metric corresponds to the number of viewers who have subscribed to your channel. It can also be analyzed according to a time period.
Here, the number of times your thumbnails were shown to YouTube viewers through recorded impressions is shown.
This metric corresponds to the frequency with which Internet users watched the videos on your channel, after seeing a thumbnail.
If you want to better understand the characteristics of the audience that is following your channel, it is of paramount importance to analyze the information available on the platform.
Another very important metric for content creators is the summary of the most accessed videos on the channel to find out what kinds of videos work best.

ready to help you

a team of professionals in a variety of areas

We have a complete team to take care of your career, such as video editors, social media managers, designers, YouTube channel optimization specialists and communication advisors. You will only need to record your videos!
Your channel will be in good hands. Our team will develop the ideal campaign for you to have maximum results!

Everyday, people watch 1 Billion hours of videos on Youtube and generate billions of views

That means there’re plenty of views for your channel to capture, we’ll help you devise the best strategy to ensure that happens!

your options

The types of youtube ads

These ads appear to the user in the video search bar or recommendations. The visitor knows that there is an advertisement, as there is a yellow icon indicating it. Also, you can view the image of the upcoming broadcast. In this format, you will be billed for each click from users.
The very name of this ad format already gives a hint of how it works. These are advertisements inserted in the middle of the videos. They cannot be skipped and the page visitor must watch them to the end to segment the entire broadcast.

The masthead ad is that type of media that appears at the top of YouTube. To be published, it needs to be previously evaluated by a Google sales representative and can be published within 48 hours. They are very flashy and arouse the curiosity of visitors. This ad format is widely used in the strategies of famous brands, as they know that it brings excellent returns on their sales, however, its cost is higher.

These are very short ads, about 6 seconds or even less. They should be used sparingly, as they are the ones that interrupt the video at the beginning or in the middle of the transmission, so be careful not to give a bad impression of your product or service. Bumper ads are part of efficient digital marketing strategies packages and, if used professionally, achieve good results. The charge is made for every thousand views.
Pre-roll ads last for 20 seconds and the channel user must watch them to the end to continue and view the requested content. They are also known as preview playback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes, we believe in long-term relationships, we have companies that have been working with us for 10 years. We have e minimum 3 month contract, so we can deliver better results!

What is necessary to start managing my Youtube Channel?

We just need to get to know your channel first, then we'll already be able to help you, be it optimizing the existing content or creating Youtube campaigns based on your needs.

Can I hire any plan for Youtube?

Yes, the plans and prices are according to your goals and demand. But if the plan you want does not have the appropriate price for your campaign, we will create a strategy according to your project.

Youtube ADS, how does it work?

Every month or week, based on your plan, we'll create your campaign so that your niche sees your content and starts subscribing to your channel or even going to your website to make a purchase in your store.
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