Want to learn the best social media tips for small business and finally understand what it takes to grow? Learn it in this post!

Using social media as a marketing tool for small businesses is indispensable to be able to reach the right audience. 

When it comes to companies that are still evolving, social platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and even LinkedIn can be the missing key to success for your business.

As the audience reached on these platforms can be very large, they are the perfect opportunity for a small business to grow faster.

For these reasons, we’ve collected the best social media tips for small businesses. Check out!

Top 6 Social Media tips for Small Businesses

Social media tips for small businesses 

  1. Decide which social channels are right for you 

Not all social networks are right for your business and the goals and objectives you’ve set. Almost every business owner has a Facebook page, and this is a great first step in building an audience, but it’s not always enough. 

Even though the network is approaching almost 3 billion monthly active users worldwide, it’s necessary to have a strategy for the social media marketing to work.

It might seem like a good idea to put your brand on every possible network, but the truth is, it’s not. It can be tricky to manage many social channels. When quantity goes up, quality often goes down. 

Don’t worry about hitting a quota or a certain number of tweets and Facebook posts per week. Instead, do your research and go where your audience is to add value to them. 

A good solution is something known as social media management, a service that allows your business to have weekly scheduled posts made by digital marketing specialists.

Learn more: What does a social media management do?

  1. Optimize your profile 

In addition to having a profile on social media, you need to take the time to add information about your business to your profile. 

You must add essential links in your profile, such as your company’s website or store, means of contact, and even address if you are in a physical location. 

Having a presence on social media can be the consumer’s first contact with your business, so do your best. Your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page is often the first point of entry a potential customer has with your business. 

Humanize your brand, so customers know they’re talking to a real person. You can essentially do this with a quick bio and authentic content.

  1. It all starts with awareness – there are no shortcuts here

Every successful brand strategy starts with building brand awareness. But it will take some time for your efforts to fully pay off.

The good news is that through social media, you can increase your reach instantly.

With the right targeting, you can promote your product or service much faster and cheaper than with any traditional media.

The important thing is to use effective content marketing techniques that drive your audience to keep returning to your profile.

In order to have good content in your social profiles, it’s necessary to know your audience and understand the core fundamentals of your brand. 

By doing this and having this knowledge, you’ll be able to curate the right brand message to your potential customers.

  1. Share your customers’ opinions

Today’s shopper is highly unlikely to buy a product blindly.

Consumers now rely heavily on online reviews, which take on the same role and meaning as a personal recommendation from a friend.

Sharing positive customer experiences does more than just show that people are satisfied with the product or service you offer.

It fosters trust and a snowball effect through the belief that someone else can achieve the same positive results if they do business with you.

Reviews and testimonials are powerful assets to your content strategy.

Include a reviewer’s kind (but honest) words paired with an image to increase engagement and reach.

This can help increase traffic, leads, and sales for your small business.

  1. Engage with your social media audience

Engaging with your audience is the number one reason to have a social media profile.

In addition to engagement, providing data and opinions from your customers, it helps demonstrate that you appreciate your customers.

Use social media resources to engage with your followers, on Facebook, for example, groups are a way to get closer to your audience and at the same time publicize your brand.

Other social networks also have tools that help companies connect more with customers, either by message or through shared content.

This also allows you to encourage a customer to buy more products and services.

Investing in customer relationships increases the likelihood that they will continue to invest in your brand.

  1. Provide Relevant Content

If you own a small business and are looking to use social media to increase your business reach, you will need to make an effort to offer quality content to your audience.

This content must be within your industry and at the same time be useful to your followers and also a way to promote your products or services.

Doing this masterfully can be complicated, but nothing that good planning can’t help.

In the social media management plans, we offer weekly and monthly planning for our clients, with all the content related to their company.

Our experts do it this way because it’s the most effective when it comes to creating content for social media.

Therefore, when using these platforms to promote your business, be sure to plan the content and develop it so that it is relevant to your audience.

And if you don’t have time to run a business and social media profiles at the same time, our social media management plan is a good option.

We are an agency, focused precisely on small and medium-sized companies that seek to grow in the consumer market through these platforms.

Be sure to visit DUNA’s website for more information about our plans!


Knowing the best social media tips for small businesses is essential today. Because, with this knowledge, you are capable of providing the best social media experience to your future customers.

Most people search for products and services online, mainly on social media. Therefore, having a profile with information and relevant content related to your business is a great way to promote your brand.

Digital marketing is the easiest and most used way to grow a business nowadays, so don’t miss out, and start doing social media marketing for your small business TODAY!

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