Video editing for social media has stood out as a great option for companies that want to reach a wider audience.

In recent years, social media have established themselves as an essential digital marketing channel for brands. However, the way in which this type of advertising is carried out is the great divider between who is successful and who is not.

For your social media marketing strategy to be successful, you need to use the right resources, and the main one currently comes in the form of short videos.

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How much to charge for video editing for social media?

How much to charge for video editing for social media?

A video editor can charge between $50 – $150 an hour to edit a video.

Several factors influence the price of the service, such as the length of the video, the type of editing you need, whether the video is for personal use or for a company, the effects you want to add, the urgency with which you need the editing, its location and the editor’s experience.

Video editing is part of the post-production process that enhances the recordings you have of an event, a music video, a business meeting, or any other recording you have.

A professional video editor who understands what you want to do can create a result that meets your expectations.

If it is for professional use, editors have the possibility of adapting your video for television commercials, short or feature films, documentaries, music videos, among others.

Think about the people who will be watching the video when you decide how you want to edit it, and contact the video editor to get professional feedback on any changes that might be needed.

With an edited video, the person or company will certainly present a better image by showing a well-made and professional-looking video.

In addition, video editing for social media can also include combining images and animations to create a video and further share your content on social platforms.

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Factors that influence the price of video editing for social media

These are generally the aspects that influence the quote:

  1. The experience of the editor

The reality is that good reputation, experience and quality come at a price. It’s not the same for a recent graduate or family member to edit a video as it is for a professional with years of training and who has worked for other clients.

The result of the latter will most likely be much better, and this obviously has its cost.

Companies and brands generally need a more professional touch, which is why resorting to video editing for social media is necessary.

  1. The type of project

The budget may vary depending on the type of project for which this service will be performed.

A business video for a small business may be cheaper than for a multinational, just as a video for an influencer, for example, may have a different value.

Digital marketing agencies often facilitate this process and create complete editing packages, which is much more beneficial for the client.

  1. The length and quality of the video

The longer the duration and quality, the higher the price. If it is a long video for YouTube, for example, the price may be different from editing a video for social media, which are generally short.

Therefore, when deciding which budget fits yours, decide which option is most viable for you in terms of videos for social media in general or exclusive videos for your YouTube channel.

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How to Hire a Video Editor

If you’re thinking about hiring a video editor, whether for personal or business reasons, there are some strategies you can apply to find the right professional.

  1. Have a plan

First of all, consider what plan you have for editing your video.

If you want to highlight what you sell on your social media, look for a video editor that excels in short videos for social media and has an aesthetic that you like.

In the case of a longer video, an agency that offers YouTube channel management is an incredible option.

  1. Evaluate quotes

When getting quotes, remember that the cheapest prices don’t always reflect true value, especially for videos you plan to use professionally.

Confirm which services are included in the price, consider the editor’s experience and years of experience, and don’t hesitate to ask questions to make sure it’s the right social media video edit.

  1. Sign a contract

You should also make sure they sign a contract that spells out all the details of the editing work and any additional work that needs to be done.

Check that all deadlines are mentioned, as well as delivery formats, to maintain good communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Lastly, remember that the video editor will be using your material to tell a story, so you want to make sure they understand what you want to achieve.


Video editing for social media is one of the most sought after services in recent times, due to the popularization of this content on platforms.

If you want to highlight your brand and reach more people, you need to use the best resources available on the market.

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