Choosing a digital marketing agency is one of the most important decisions for any business looking to grow in the new digital economy.

Today, more than ever, companies want to be visible and attractive to the number of users who consume the various services offered by the Internet on a daily basis.

In this article, we present the main steps that will help you to recognize if a digital marketing agency is reliable. So you can make the best decision for your company.

Digital Marketing Agency in Canada: How to choose yours

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency consists of a team of professionals who specialize in online marketing strategies and tactics.

Their main objective is to promote and position your brand in the digital world, using various tools and platforms to reach your target audience.

Although there are digital marketing agencies that specialize in certain types of activities, most of the best agencies offer a comprehensive service, with more than one service available.

Some of the areas that a digital marketing agency should cover include:

The SEO practice improves your site’s visibility in organic search results, which increases traffic and brand relevance.

Creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract, engage and retain your audience.

Using paid ads on platforms like Google Ads or social media to increase traffic and visibility.

Management of social networks to strengthen the brand’s presence and encourage interaction with the public.

Targeted email campaigns to nurture and convert leads into real customers.

Monitoring and analyzing data to measure the performance of strategies and make adjustments according to the results obtained.

Creation and maintenance of web pages necessary for other related activities, thus being able to adapt to the needs of the customer and the business as such and obtain a website and a domain for its dissemination.

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How to choose your digital marketing agency

  1. Have a goal in mind

In this regard, you have two options to choose from:

You can identify what your specific need is or what aspects you want to promote in your company (objectives) and, from there, look for a digital marketing agency that specializes in that: specialized only in SEO, Social Media, Analytics, etc.

Or you can look for a full service digital marketing agency, that is, a digital marketing agency made up of professionals specialized in different digital branches: SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Web Development, etc.

  1. Meet the agency

Do your research looking for guidelines like these: the years you’ve been developing your work, their beginning, the ability to adapt to the market, their evolution, and if the customers are satisfied.

These guidelines that we are discussing are not only valid for the company, but also for the professionals who work in it, such as the training they have, the professional trajectory they have and their degree of updating in the sector.

Tip: You can use LinkedIn to look up more details about the agency, including the people who work there.

Knowing whether the company has qualified professionals is essential, as they will be the ones who will work to achieve its goals.

Find out how they work and make sure they follow a rigorous schedule, with no room for improvisation.

  1. How they manage their digital brand?

The online image of a digital marketing agency is its cover letter. See if it does what they’re selling.

If the agency sells quality content, check out their corporate blog. Are the posts good?

If the agency sells quality multimedia content, take a look at their social media. Is the content creative?

If the agency sells that manages social media profiles, see how they manage their own. Do you have social media profiles and do you manage them with a clear plan?

If the agency sells and develops web pages, evaluate the quality of their work. Is it responsive? Does it look credible? Is the UX good? Do their pages offer everything needed to get to know the company?

These questions will help you understand if the agency is a good fit for your brand or not.

  1. Customer-company relationship

Today, it’s easy to know if the company’s relationships with its previous customers were fluid, just by visiting its Google My Business page or another similar site.

In this way, you will be able to know if previous clients praise or criticize the agency.

You should know that in digital marketing, everything is measurable and therefore demonstrable. A digital marketing agency must be able to justify with real reports, in a clear and transparent way, its evolution in the work it has been carrying out.

You can also evaluate this relationship in the meetings that perform. It is important to see the interest they show in you and your company, if they ask questions to get to know the company.

Furthermore, it is important to know if they are interested in having a broader view of your needs and problems, if they can offer you information to clear your doubts…

A good environment in this sense generates trust and commitment. You have to feel that they see your project as if it were their own, as if its results would generate great benefits for them.

  1. Assess the budget

Neither an expensive budget guarantees better results, nor a cheap budget guarantees worse results. It all depends on the work they do. Remember that cheap can be expensive.

Carrying out a market analysis to know what to expect in terms of budgets is a good idea, to have a better foundation.

It’s important to be clear about the price range you’re willing to pay.

Evaluate whether the budget they suggest meets your needs and covers all the services you want to improve, as well as whether they are flexible when paying.

By following these five guidelines that we have mentioned, you will be able to probe the digital marketing agency market, knowing which aspects you should focus on when choosing the right one for your company.

Above all, don’t forget that they have to generate trust, that you must feel that they listen to you, that they guide you and that they advise you to achieve your goals.

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Is it worth investing in a digital marketing agency

When hiring the services of a digital marketing agency, it is essential that you keep in mind that having a marketing agency will allow you to delegate and have a human and technological team at your disposal.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an agency:

These and many other benefits are included when purchasing any plans from a good quality digital marketing agency.

However, it is important to emphasize that for these results to be achieved, time is needed.

Therefore, a longer contract is ideal in this situation, as it allows you to have a better chance of getting your campaigns right and gaining more customers.

How to know which agency is best for my business

Before embarking on the search for a digital marketing agency, you must determine what you need for your business and what is best for it to grow.

Pre-study is essential to determine which product or service you sell, analyze your specific case, determine competitors and evaluate all factors to determine a budget.

On the other hand, many agencies usually have fixed plans and prices for certain services, which is also a great option!

When choosing a digital marketing agency, you need to determine all these factors and contact the agency you are considering to find out exactly how the service will be done.

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