If you’re looking to hire a video editing service, or you’re thinking about becoming a video editor, you might be wondering: how much does a video editing job cost?

And you have questions about this, don’t worry… below we will give you the answer to this and other questions.

Learning how much does a video editing job cost will help you decide on a budget, and know which service is ideal for you.

How much does a video editing job cost?

How much does a video editing job cost?

Whether you are an influencer, a business owner and are thinking about hiring a video editor, or you are an editor and need to establish a quote, be aware that there are different rates depending on the nature and complexity of the work.

You must understand that editing a film for the film industry is not the same as editing a wedding video or content for Instagram or TikTok. Additionally, fees also tend to vary depending on the geographic area.

The average price for hiring video editing professionals is $87,750 per year.

The average price, in this case $45 per hour, would correspond to 1 minute of video, as long as it was a simple edit without too many technical complications.

You should also take the type of work into consideration. Making small adjustments is not the same as adding soundtrack, motion graphics, visual effects, editing, etc.

Obviously, for editing jobs in the film or television industry, the numbers are much higher.

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Factors that influence how much a video editing job costs

Now that you have an idea of the prices involved in video editing, let’s see what factors influence an editor’s fees.

As we have already said, video editing prices depend on the work that will be done, its duration and the geographic area. In any case, the elements that most influence the price are:

  1. The editor’s experience

The prices of a video editor with experience in the profession are usually higher. Experience and a good reputation are an advantage and generally guarantee quality work.

  1. Previous work

Another factor that influences a video editor’s rate is who they previously worked for. If important, well-known companies appear on your CV, your prestige will likely be higher.

  1. Working hours

At this point, there is little to clarify. While it may seem surprising to someone outside the industry, editing a 1-minute video can take 8 hours or more of work.

Therefore, it is easy to make an approximate calculation if we decide to do it per working hours, as the average price of an editor per hour averages at $45.

  1. Type of video

Rates may also vary depending on the type of video being made. Editing a corporate video for a small company is not the same as for a multinational. The goals and requirements are usually not the same.

  1. Visual effects

Nowadays, video editing software allows you to include surprising visual effects.

Obviously, the more effects the video requires to edit and the more complex its execution, the longer the execution time will be.

More technical resources and greater specialization on the part of the editor will also be required.

  1. Project urgency

Another factor that influences the pace of a video editor is the execution time or delivery deadline of the work. The cost is much higher if the client needs to edit a video urgently.

  1. Geographic area

Geographic area also influences video editor fees. Professionals who work in large cities tend to have more expenses (rent, cost of living…).

Therefore, they will transfer this extra cost to their rates compared to a smaller city.

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In which areas does a video editor work?

If you are thinking about getting into video editing, you will definitely be interested in this section. Next, we will tell you which areas a video editor can work in.

These days, video editors have great job opportunities. The internet and the world of digital marketing have been added to traditional media such as cinema, television, advertising videos, among others.

Nowadays, companies often use video editing to broadcast corporate events, training courses or activities associated with marketing and content creation.

Video is also the perfect medium to reach a greater number of potential customers through social media.

In addition, new professions related to the internet, such as influencers, YouTubers or Instagrammers, often hire editors to create quality content and differentiate themselves from the rest.

Advantages of having video editors

Hiring professionals to perform this service brings advantages that would be difficult to obtain otherwise. The skill of a person trained in the audiovisual area means time savings and greater quality in the final result.

Professionals in this area will not only have specific training and years of experience, but will also have specialized and updated tools, which can be handled with proper use.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that if, in addition to editing, you have professionals throughout the video production, this will translate into a better result.

Having a complete service, such as YouTube channel management, for example, can mean savings.

Investing in these issues can be essential to stand out from the competition and convey greater confidence, which will have a great return!

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