How much does a social media post cost? This question will have a similar answer to many marketing questions; It depends.

Now, what does this depend on? To answer this question, in this article we analyze advertising rates on social networks according to some studies carried out on the subject.

For this guide, we prioritize Facebook and Instagram as the main social networks on which it is worth creating and publishing advertising campaigns.

To talk about advertising budget, we must start from the understanding that your digital advertising campaigns work based on a minimum daily budget or a total budget for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, the cost can be based on metrics such as impressions, clicks, likes, reproductions, physical visits or even conversions and sales.

How much does a social media post cost?

How much does a social media post cost?

Facebook and Instagram ads charge in different currencies, but for practical purposes, we’ll express costs in US dollars.

Clarification: It is worth noting that these prices are approximate and are not intended to be more than a reference for advertisers, and may vary depending on several factors such as sector, temporality, trends, among others.

Average CPM for social media

CPM or cost per 1,000 impressions, is an option for advertisers looking to increase the visibility of their ads without thinking so much about clicks.

It’s worth keeping this metric in mind to calculate the rate of people clicking on your ads based on the views they receive.

Average CPC for social media ads

CPC, or cost per click, is a bidding option for advertisers looking to increase the number of clicks (or views) their ads receive.

Companies often prioritize researching the average CPC by industry when analyzing and projecting their advertising costs.

More Metrics for Social Media Ads

In addition to CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost per click), companies often measure other important indicators in their advertising campaigns on social media, for example Cost per Like (CPL) or Cost per view (CPV), depending As for business objectives, we can talk about Cost Per Lead (CPL too), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

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What determines how much a social media post costs?

As we have previously mentioned, all these costs are approximate estimates based on various studies that have been carried out in this regard, so variations in costs are likely to occur given different variables.

Advertising platforms work mainly through auctions and bids for viewing ads, so there are many variables that determine the price of your ads on social media, among which we can mention:

All of these variables (and others) can determine that ads in one sector or industry are more expensive than others.

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How to reduce advertising costs on social media

Here are 4 ideas that can help you optimize your Facebook ad costs:

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