Digital marketing consulting is the ideal service for companies looking to expand their brand and don’t know how.

If your company is facing obstacles in online growth, it’s time to find out about the benefits of having a specialized digital marketing consultancy!

It is a fact that social media platforms harbor a vast audience, and therefore, your target audience is among the users of these platforms. Furthermore, being present in these spaces is more than a necessity, it is crucial for success.

But why not take full advantage of these tools to engage with your customer base and increase your sales?

Through digital marketing consulting, you can analyze what is missing from your marketing strategy, and then optimize it so that your company has the best results!

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Digital Marketing Consulting: What It Is and How It Works

What is digital marketing consulting?

Digital marketing consulting is a service offered by specialists in online marketing strategies.

Here, the ultimate goal is to optimize your platform presence and performance by focusing on digital platforms as a target.

When it comes to individuals or companies, consulting plays a transformative role. It provides personalized guidelines for profile, content and marketing tactics, which helps you improve your strategy and achieve better results.

The digital marketing consultancy stands out by providing a range of services, including:

These solutions, together, increase the brand’s visibility, reach and number of followers.

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How does this work in practice?

Within digital marketing, there are a number of services and features that contribute to the progress and improvement of brands and companies, resulting in high-impact strategies.

Digital marketing consultancy, combined with good social media management, emerges as a service that brings with it an improved marketing plan, enriched with quality content that is relevant to your audience.

The digital marketing consulting process works as follows:

  1. Analysis

We carry out a thorough analysis of the market scenario, exploring your company’s trajectory and sector.

Based on these insights, we shape strategic plans for social media platforms and outline publications that substantially contribute to achieving better results, while raising engagement levels.

  1. Optimization

In order to optimize conversions, we delve into your company profile, generating a briefing that harmonizes with the essence of your brand and resonates with your target audience. Each step is guided by your specific goals.

We forge and conceive imaginative and innovative content, aiming to build loyalty and boost sales.

We create content schedules, monitor posting frequency, and undertake in-depth analysis to determine the most effective approaches.

  1. Monitoring

We complement the cycle with constant analysis, real-time monitoring and precise measurement, using advanced tools.

This approach guides optimization decisions that align precisely with your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Whether you’re looking for reach, engagement or conversions, digital marketing management consulting for Instagram is the lever that takes your online presence to remarkable levels of success.

Can digital marketing consulting make a difference for my company?

Digital marketing consulting is a great solution for companies that want to reach more people, but don’t know where to start or what to do to attract more customers.

Through digital channels, it is possible to increase your audience and find exactly who is looking for products/services that your company offers.

Quality social media management, for example, can help you prosper and grow, save time and a lot of effort, generate more visits, gain followers that will translate into new sales.

So, if you have planning allied with a digital marketing consultancy, your company is more likely to grow and stand out within your sector.

How much does digital marketing consulting cost?

Digital marketing management and consulting prices vary depending on the contracted plan, check out DUNA’s plans and prices below:

Bronze – $390/month

Silver – $ 890/month

Gold – $ 1190/month

In short, digital marketing consulting is needed to help individuals and businesses get the most out of digital platforms and achieve their marketing goals.

Have digital marketing management + consulting and improve your company’s reach

Digital marketing management and consulting is a service that helps you understand the points that need to be improved in your digital marketing strategy.

In addition, this service also includes access to quality and fully personalized content, which helps your company to gain more customers through inbound marketing.

DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency specializes in social media management and has been in the market for over 10 years. We have experience with clients from different countries, such as Portugal, Brazil, among others.

Visit DUNA’s website and learn more about our services and how they help your company to grow!

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