A video editing freelancer works autonomously, with full control over their schedules, clients and projects.

If you’re thinking about starting to edit videos as a freelancer, it’s important to know what salary you should expect.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the most important information about how much a video editing freelancer earns, come check it out!

How much does a video editing freelancer make?

What is a freelance video editor?

A video editor is someone who, from images or scenes, creates a sequence that tries to tell a story, be it short or long.

A freelance video editor is someone who edits videos independently, without any ties to a company.

But after all, what is a video editor responsible for? It is nothing more than making the final version of the audiovisual product through various processes that involve editing or modifying different aspects of this product.

A video editor must know each image and video manipulation software, as they are their main work tools.

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How much does a video editing freelancer make?

Estimating a video editing freelancer’s salary is a complex task and largely depends on where you work, whether for a company or self-employed.

It is estimated that a video editor in Canada earns an average of $54,176 per year.

If the video editor has a powerful computer, Internet connection and video editing software, he will easily work on his own.

Earnings can be inaccurate as your income depends on how much workload you have, so calculating how much a freelance video editor earns is nearly impossible.

Without a doubt, answering the question of how much does a video editor earn can be somewhat non-specific.

However, there are several ways you can work. Those who work in large companies tend to have good financial remuneration, while video editing freelancers have to hustle for clients in order to stand out from the competition.

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Where can a video editing freelancer work?

Before knowing how much a video editor earns, you need to know that there is not one, but several areas of work where a video editing freelancer can work.

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Factors that influence how much a video editing freelancer earns
  1. Employee of a company

We have already seen that the base salary of a professional hired by a company can vary depending on the agreement that governs it. A video editor can work in sectors as diverse as those listed below:

Your salary is very likely to be higher if you work in film editing at a large film studio than if you work at a small marketing and advertising studio.

  1. Self-employment (freelancer)

A powerful computer, Internet connection and good video editing software are the necessary tools for an editor to carry out their work from the office, home or a coffee shop.

If you decide to undertake, set up your own studio and become self-employed or freelance, you have the advantage that your income depends on you, the hours you work and your client list.

Working on your own, you can offer your video production and editing services, artistic direction, cinematography, corporate video, advertising, motion designer, etc.

You should also know that you can combine self-employment with working for a company.

For example; You can work at a TV production company from Monday to Friday, where you would get a stable salary and still enjoy your free time to have your own clients. The limit is up to you.

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  1. Experience and quality of service.

Obviously, experience is essential to become a good professional. If you work hard and earn the trust of your clients, over time you will become known in the industry and your rates will increase.

Offering a complete service and being up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is essential for your audience to be loyal to you and for you to grow professionally.

Committing to your work and respecting the stipulated deadlines will make your clients recommend you and considerably increase the value of your services. Become essential.

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