Choosing among the best video editors will give you an advantage when creating your videos for the internet.

There are hundreds of downloadable video editing software on the Internet. But if you want to make a good impression on your viewers, you must use software that is easy to use to create quality content.

Furthermore, the best video editors include professional tools to obtain the best results.

If you use low-quality software, the result could affect your follower list and make the difference between clicking on your video or looking for another one.

After testing various editing software, both free and paid, we found the five best video editors that include the features you need to produce high-quality videos.

Top 5 Best Video Editors you MUST Try

Video editor: what is it and what does it do?

Every audiovisual project includes in its creation process the editing and assembly of different elements: images, audio, text, effects and transitions…

Projects can be very different and have very different characteristics – such as a duration that varies from seconds of content to social media at the time of a film – but in all cases it is necessary to have the role of a video editor.

The video editor’s mission is to combine all these elements into a coherent sequence with an attractive result.

The functions of a video editor are essential so that the final result meets quality standards, maintains public interest and meets customer needs.

As a rule, this professional is only responsible for the content editing process itself, that is, he assumes responsibility for the project once obtained or captured and only has to work on the existing materials.

However, you can also be hired to record the video and audio, if you have the necessary skills to do so.

In these cases, as you can imagine, their work rates are higher, as they offer a much broader quality of services.

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Top 5 best video editors

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro stands out as one of the most comprehensive and widely used video editors available on the market today.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, this software offers an exceptional video editing experience for professionals and enthusiasts.

One of the biggest advantages of Premiere Pro is its seamless integration with other Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Furthermore, Premiere Pro offers several features that establish it as one of the most complete video editors on the market.

From advanced timeline editing tools to color correction, visual effects, smooth transitions and precise control over audio, the software provides all the functionality needed to create high-quality videos with visual impact.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free cross-platform video editor for anyone looking to achieve Hollywood-level video post-production.

Resolve has a premium version (which comes with a hefty price tag!), but it’s aimed at professional filmmakers, so for the sake of this review it’s irrelevant.

Recommended by independent filmmakers and professional videographers, Resolve can be a great video editor for YouTube creators who take a more serious approach to color grading.

For example, if your long-term goal is to get into video editing, DavinciResolve is definitely worth paying attention to.

It will help you achieve stunning results, but to benefit from it, you must understand color theory and be passionate enough to invest time in this software.

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  1. Vegas

Vegas is another software that is highly recognized and remembered by professionals in the field of video editing, and for this reason, it is an essential presence on any list of the best video editors available on the market.

The software offers a Pro version with a monthly subscription and an annual option.

However, the advantage is that users can try its features for free for 30 days before deciding to subscribe to it.

With an intuitive interface, variety of tools and features, Vegas offers a powerful and flexible editing experience for users of different skill levels.

  1. Final Cut X

Final Cut X is a video editor developed by Apple, and designed specifically for the Mac OS system.

Its interface, familiar to users of other Apple software, significantly simplifies the learning process, especially for those who already have Apple devices.

One of the main features that set Final Cut X apart is its ability to work with multiple video formats, which is very useful for making videos for different platforms.

  1. iMovie

iMovie is a great free video editor for professionals and amateurs who use Mac computers or iPads.

In fact, even after becoming relatively popular, many YouTubers continue to use iMovie for editing their videos.

Since it’s free, delivers great results, and comes pre-installed on most Apple devices by default, it makes sense that it’s one of the best video editors.

If you think you only need to use fancy, expensive video editing software to stand out on YouTube or social media, you’re wrong. What really matters is the quality, creativity and consistency of your content.


Is there a free video editor that works?

Although there are many free video editing software to download on the Internet, they have limitations. The most common problems tend to be:

All these limitations end up being a disadvantage, as you will probably look for another program to obtain the desired result.

Therefore, we recommend using a free trial of premium software to edit your videos, as you will have all the tools and functions you need.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a 7-day free trial and affordable subscriptions if you decide to continue using the program.

What video editor do YouTubers use?

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most used programs by content creators. It has all the necessary tools to create videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram stories or any other platform where videos can be shared.

Once the post-production phase is complete, you will be able to share the video directly on YouTube and other websites thanks to Premiere Pro.

What is the best video editor for long videos?

Once again, Adobe Premiere Pro is the answer. With unlimited audio and video tracks, compatibility with all types of multimedia formats, and multiple editing styles, you’ll be spoiled for choice when editing and producing long-form videos, movies, and more.

Where to hire a video editor?

DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency is the ideal place to find a video editor who works with social networks and YouTube. Visit the website and take a look at the plans and prices. You can also make a quote and customize your plan.

How much does it cost to hire a YouTube video editor?

The price that a YouTube video editor charges varies according to their specialty and the project that needs to be done. At DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency, we are committed to delivering great value for money, offering personalized plans and prices.

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