Using the best mobile video editor helps you make your content more interesting, and therefore, gets more views.

It’s not new that from our cell phone, we have access to incredible video editors that allow us to obtain professional results in just a few minutes.

Let’s check out the best video editor for mobile phones in this post!

What is the Best Mobile Video Editor

Best mobile video editor

  1. Inshot

We start the list with InShot, with what is considered by many to be the best mobile video editor for mobile phones, as it is the most downloaded and best rated by users on Google Play and the App Store.

Under its simple interface, this developer offers us a powerful video editor in which we won’t miss out on the most common and professional functions.

The InShot editor allows you to add music, stickers, texts, filters, transition effects and voice effects or add layers, among other options.

The application allows you to export videos up to 4K and 60 fps and also integrates a photo editor.

  1. VivaVideo

Following up with VivaVideo, another of the most downloaded video editors on Google Play and whose interface is also very intuitive, so its professional functions are very easy to use.

VivaVideo includes themes, so you can automatically edit our videos with effects and sounds, but we can also edit them manually from scratch with its tools, filters, powerful effects, transitions, texts, stickers and much more.

  1. VideoShow

VideoShow also offers us a large number of themes so that we only have to select the videos and photos that we want to appear in the montage, and then we only have to edit the last details.

This mobile video editor allows us to add sound effects, record narrations, apply filters, effects, transitions, stickers and doodles.

Watching ads allows us to temporarily try out some of its premium features like watermark removal.

  1. KineMaster

We continue with KineMaster, the only video editor on the list that can only be used with the cell phone vertically with a more professional interface, in which we can see each of the layers of our montage.

KineMaster offers us effects, stickers, texts and doodles, adding movement and zoom effects to our videos and transitions, in addition to basic editing options.

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  1. CapCut

From the creators of TikTok we have CapCut, a simple and completely free editor that allows us to quickly transform our videos with its magic wand and templates or manually edit our projects.

CapCut allows us to remove the background from our videos to add an image, add body effects, stickers, audio or music, and overlay videos or images. The application allows us to export our videos in 4k and 60 fps.

  1. PowerDirector

With PowerDirector we find CyberLink’s powerful mobile video editor and one of the most complete, which allows us to use its interface both horizontally and vertically, making it the most versatile.

PowerDirector works with layers, so we can add videos, images or stickers that we can move, scale or rotate.

  1. FilmoraGo

With very good reviews, we also found FilmoraGo, a video editor very similar to VivaVideo, which comes full of templates to automate the creation of videos so that we only have to make the final touches.

In its project editor, in FilmoraGo we find options for cropping, music, text, stickers, effects, filters, creative resources and applying adjustments to the video.

How to edit videos on Instagram

It is possible to edit videos on Instagram using the native Reels tool. The process is simple: you record the video, add effects, and then enter the editing phase.

During this step, you can insert audio, cut unwanted scenes and even add other videos and images to create more engaging and dynamic content.

Other video editing apps like Inshot are also great for making Reels on Instagram.

How to edit videos on YouTube

Video editing on YouTube is accessible to all users. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can enhance it using the platform’s intuitive editing tools.

First, go to your video in YouTube Studio and click on the edit option. Here, you can cut out unwanted scenes, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, and add music from YouTube’s audio library to create the perfect atmosphere for your video.

You can also use other applications to edit your YouTube videos, both on your cell phone and on your desktop.

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How to edit videos on social media

Editing videos to share on social media has never been easier than it is today. On platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, you have access to powerful editing tools right in their apps.

First, you choose the video you want to edit, and then you can cut, trim, and adjust the content to make it more interesting.

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