Want to find out how much to charge to create posts on social media? It’s important information for deciding on your budget.

Many companies need to know what price is charged for managing Instagram, YouTube or Facebook as a social media proposition.

How much to charge to create posts on social media is not about making more or less money: the secret is to adjust the services you offer to the needs and budget of the client who hires you.

Therefore, in this post, you will find out how much to charge for social media management.

How much to charge to create posts on social media?

How do you know how much to charge to create posts on social media?

So, the first thing is to ask for a quote on social media from a professional you like, trust and have the necessary experience.

Don’t write to a lot of people just to get a lower price on social media because, in the long run, this will hurt you. Your digital business will suffer, and your online reputation will be in crisis.

Anyone can use social media, anyone with a smartphone and/or computer.

But the key to being successful and triumphing on social media isn’t having just anyone: it’s having the right social media pro for the stage your business is in, and paying for it, because you know you’ll get the results you want.

How much to charge for the operation of social networks is essential to be successful and see your work rewarded.

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How much to charge to maintain an account on Instagram and other social media

This post will not be a 2-line summary of how much to charge to create posts on social media for a company or business.

What you need to keep in mind to know how much to charge for the management of social media are the following factors:

  1. The brand

The brand you are going to take on social media has a history. Sometimes it hasn’t started yet and with the social media audit you propose the work you are going to do, analyzing the professional sector.

In other cases, the brand has already been using social media for some time and needs to evaluate its performance, improve it and achieve its objectives there.

Each brand needs, depending on its point in the sales funnel, more or less content to publish on social media.

Not all brands on the same social networks need the same thing. Each brand has its own publishing rhythm on social media.

Therefore, how much to charge to create posts on social media depends on the client’s brand in question.

  1. The professional’s experience

The professional who will manage your social networks also has a history, and can help you in one way or another, depending on the cases experienced in the past, your learning, your past mistakes, your successes.

Not all professionals will budget the same amount for managing your business’ social media.

If you want to know how much to charge to manage social networks, choose a good professional to manage your social networks.

  1. Customer’s Budget

A lot of things happen in this thread.

The potential client wants to pay the minimum for the same service, but this is often not possible.

Ideally, knowing the budget to manage the client’s social networks, you adapt the needs they have, prioritize them, to give them the best performance, within the budget they have.

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How much to charge to create posts on social media

The price of social media management varies according to certain criteria. I think about the following factors:

  1. I know the available budget

After getting to know the brand and seeing its performance, [it is possible to know what can be changed and to what extent. The budget is everything, because depending on whether there is more investment or less on the part of the client, you can get more things or less.

  1. Social Media Audit

The social media audit provides data on the performance of the client’s social networks.

This way, we know what your brand is like and what the competition is like. This way, we know the starting point and the effort we will have to make to create a marketing strategy for your social networks.

  1. The choice of social media

Furthermore, it is important to audit social networks to know which social networks are worth being on and which are not. If your target audience isn’t on a social network, it’s best to leave it.

  1. Get paid for your invested time

Therefore, it does not charge per post on Instagram, nor per post on Facebook. Get paid for the time you dedicate to the client to manage your Instagram, regardless of the content you post on the social media calendar.

Here is an example of a starting table of plans and prices for social media marketing from DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency:

Bronze – $390/month

Silver – $ 890/month

Gold – $ 1190/month

Conclusion: how much to charge to create posts on social media really

Like any job, managing a company’s social networks has a price, which must adapt to the brand, your experience as a professional and the needs of the business, to meet your objectives.

Customize social media budgets for each client and let them know which services fit within that budget.

Your media proposal social media has to be clear, so they know how much you charge to manage your social networks and why.

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