If you are looking for a social media marketer in Canada, but still don’t understand how it works and how much it costs, this post is for you!

A social media management service is very useful for businesses as it allows them to have content on social media to increase brand awareness.

And the best part is that as within this service, social media does all the creation and publication of the content, you don’t have to worry about this task.

See in this post what social media is, how social media management works and how much social media charges in Canada. Check out!

 How much does it cost to hire a social media marketer Canada?

What is a social media marketer?

A social media marketer is a term used to distinguish digital marketing professionals who work creating content for the social networks of companies and influencers.

This specialist has the role of creating and publishing content according to what the customer wants.

Having interesting content that helps advertise the brand and attract more customers is the reason why many companies are turning to social media management.

A social media marketer manages social media profiles according to their clients’ objectives, creating personalized and good quality content.

What is social media management?

Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, promoting and managing content on social media.

Today, most companies need to have an online presence, and that includes the use of social media.

When it comes to attracting customers and earning more sales, digital marketing is almost mandatory these days, and one of the best ways to stand out is through social media.

That’s where social media management comes into play, this service allows companies to have quality content being created and posted weekly on their profiles.

Thus, customers will always have something new to see, and the brand becomes recognized with more credibility.

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How much does it cost to hire a social media marketer in Canada?

So, like any other service, the price of social media varies. In Canada, the values can go from $1,500 – $10,000 per month.

This variation is due to the type of service provided and/or contracted plan. Agencies such as DUNA Digital Marketing, for example, have 3 different social media management plans, each with great cost-benefit!

See below our starting price table for social media management services:

Bronze – $390/month

Silver – $ 890/month

Gold – $ 1190/month

What can a social media marketer do for my business?

A social media marketer will be responsible for planning a social media strategy and planning for your brand.

The first thing a social media marketer will do after a client signs a contract is begin the process of starting a briefing.

The briefing works as a guide that will help create your marketing campaigns.

After that, a detailed plan is made with ideal posts and days and times to post them, so the customer knows everything in advance, being able to change what is necessary.

This is all done with your goals in mind, and in a completely personalized way according to your brand identity.

Our agency also offers this service in other countries, such as in Portugal, in agência de marketing digital Portugal!

Why is social media management important?

Since you already know what social media management is and the average cost of this service, let’s see how important it really is.

As you probably already know, social networks are one of the most visited channels by people around the world. In Canada, more than 85% of the population is using social media in 2023.

This means that your target audience will certainly be present on social networks, and therefore, your company should be too.

The management of social networks facilitates the presence of companies in the media because it optimizes work, making everything much more practical and faster.

After all, imagine having to manage profiles on social networks and, at the same time, take care of your business, one of these things will definitely not get the attention it should.

And it is clear that your company cannot be without administration, so it is better to let a social media company manage your profiles on social media.

What is included in social media management?

To help you understand even more why social media management is such a great service, let’s see what this service includes below:

  1. Content creation

Social media management includes creating texts and arts to illustrate your posts, stories and videos.

This content is made based on your brand’s objectives, always taking into account its visual identity in all posts.

The content can also have different formats, from short videos, to longer or shorter posts on social media feeds.

  1. Ad management

Another great advantage of having social media in Canada is that it helps you create ads on social networks.

When you want to have a post promoted or create an Instagram Ad, for example, your social media can help you, doing this service for you as an extra benefit of social media management.

Ads are a great way to convert people who are interested in your niche and don’t know about your business yet, or who have contacted you but haven’t bought from you yet.

  1. Customized planning

The difference between a company that has a profile on social media and posts occasionally and another company that has social media doing this for them is planning.

It is through this planning that all content will be previously thought out and prepared to be posted according to the days and times that are most appropriate for the company.

If today, you only post once a month or even less than that on your social networks, you would undoubtedly benefit from hiring a social media to manage your social networks.

So, your brand’s content planning would have more quality and professionalism.

Wrapping it up

Hiring a social media marketer in Canada can be made easy if you know the services you need to get where you want.

DUNA Digital Marketing  is specialized in gestão de redes sociais/ social media management and is here to help your business grow through social media marketing and advertising.

We offer professional work with excellent customer service that will help you every step of the way to ensure your business is thriving on social media.

Schedule a meeting with us today and find out more about social media management!

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