Knowing the cost of creating a website is very important when determining a budget, especially if yours is limited.

Once you recognize the benefits of having a website for your business, the second step is to find out how much it costs to create a website and how you can do it.

Find out what the value of creating a website is and what influences these costs. Furthermore, check out the advantages of creating a website with a specialized agency.

What is the cost of creating a website?

Whats it the cost of creating a website?

The cost of creating a website depends on a series of factors, that range from the type of website to the choice of domain, and other important details.

Creating a website can cost from $1000-$2,500, this price varies depending on if you choose a freelancer or a specialized agency. Usually what happens is that you need to get a quote from the website creator to have a better understanding of budget.

Factors that influence the price of creating a website

The more functions you add to your website, the higher the web development price will be.

Do you need an automated email marketing system or other digital marketing tools on your website? Well, all of this has to be implemented correctly.

It’s easy to add plugins and add-ons to a website, but it’s really difficult to implement all the functions and ensure it’s well optimized to avoid errors and problems for your users.

  1. What type of website do you want to create?

Creating a personal or corporate website is not the same as creating an online store (also known as e-commerce).

In a personal setting, several main pages and probably a blog would be enough, while in an online store a greater number of well-labeled and classified product pages would be needed so that neither the user nor Google has difficulty navigating your website.

Without a doubt, e-commerce can be much more expensive. It all depends on the complexity of the website you need.

  1. Additional services for your website

The essential services they should offer you, no matter the price:

If you are charged more for any of these features, consider why and look at the service offered by other digital service providers.

Additional services:

The main additional service of any website is SEO (although you should take this into consideration before starting your website), companies hire this service to position their content on Google and get more traffic to their websites.

Why should you take SEO into consideration first? Mainly because they are experts in designing a website optimized for positioning on Google or any other search engine.

Many times clients arrive with a website that has nowhere to go and everything that can be done is done. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, take a look at this article on web design for companies.

Other additional services:

These are some of the complementary services that can benefit the health of your website and your traffic, but they certainly sell them as an advantage.

Benefits of having an agency create your website

If you have already tried to create your website and haven’t finished optimizing it well or simply want to take care of what really matters to you, your business, we encourage you to discover the benefits of knowing the cost of creating a website.

Creating a website on your own involves money and, above all, a lot of time. To create and manage a properly functioning website you will need knowledge of: UX/UI; IF THE; CRO.

Therefore, many people who don’t even know how to develop a website choose to hire third-party services. They know how much time it involves and when we talk about business, time is super crucial.

Time is the difference between your website being launched before your competition. And when you leave you have to make sure everything goes well because otherwise all the effort will have been in vain, well, yes, to learn what you should do and what not to do next time. But what do you want? Learn how to develop websites or sell your product or service?

Why choose DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency to create your website?

So far you have seen that the price of creating a website varies without thinking about the end consumer, but rather about the resources and time it costs to create the type of online website you need.

At DUNA’s Digital Marketing Agency we specialize in digital marketing, including website creation, social media management, SEO, among others.

We have affordable prices and plans for small and medium-sized companies, contact us and get your quote!

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