To have a website has become an essential requirement for all types of businesses, from the smallest to large corporations.

Having a website can help you gain new customers, generate more sales and in general, increase your digital presence, contributing to the positioning of your brand.

In this article, we will explain in the simplest and least technical words everything you need to do to have a website in Canada.

How to have a website in Canada?
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Requirements to have a website in Canada

To have a website, you need 3 things:

Each of these requirements has a cost, some apply a recurring charge, meaning you will have to pay for as long as you want your website to remain online.

  1. Domain

Average cost: 10 and $20 per year

The domain is the name by which people will access your website, normally it is the name of your company, some examples are, google .com,

As you can see, most domains end with the phrase .com. The word “com” comes from commercial, as the original purpose of domains with this phrase at the end was for them to be acquired by commercial companies.

Alternatively, some domains end with the phrase .org, .ca, .co, and more.

Each of these endings describes in some way the web pages that use these domains, for example, .org is for organizations, .edu for educational institutions such as universities, and .gob for official government websites.

In order for you to acquire one of these names you need to pay for its registration, normally the cost is annual and is around 10 and $20 per year. This cost can change depending on several factors.

The endings .com, .net, .la each have a different registration price.

If the domain is already registered. Two pages cannot share the same domain, if someone has already purchased the domain name you want to use, you will have to buy it, usually for a much more expensive price. There are domains that have sold for thousands of dollars.

The year you renew. Normally the stores where we register this domain offer a discount in the first year and in subsequent years they are more expensive.

Remember something very important, in order for you to continue owning a domain, you must continue paying for the same renewal year after year.

One tip you might want to know is that if you fail to pay for one of your domains and lose it, the registrar will charge you more to get it back, so don’t forget to renew it.

  1. Hosting or Storage

Average cost: starts at C$3.89 per month and can go up to C$123.99 per month

Storage or hosting is the rent you pay to have your website stored on a computer designed specifically for websites like yours. Some of the features that make these computers special are:

This service is usually paid monthly or in annual installments, usually services that offer storage offer discounts when you pay for hosting for an entire year, instead of paying month after month.

As with domains, as long as you want your site to appear, you will need to continue paying for the storage service.

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Can I make my website without technical knowledge?

Yes you can. There are services that allow you to create your website with a program, for which you do not need technical knowledge.

If your website only shows basic information about your business, images of some of your products, address, phone number, opening hours and nothing else, you can use one of these websites.

On the other hand, take into account that your digital presence is different from your in-person presence, so the success in promoting your brand is influenced by several factors that a specialist can help you with.

An expert will help you define what type of website you need, the capacity of your hosting or storage, how you should use it, colors, design and much more. Consider hiring a specialized digital marketing agency if it is within your reach.

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Having a website is essential for most businesses. Don’t miss the opportunity for your customers to find you when they search the Internet, or to obtain clear information about your business, or to sell online.

Enjoy the reach and benefits of the digital world. Consider that the cost of a website, compared to the costs of the traditional publicity, is very low.

If you have additional questions, contact our team and find out how our website creation service works!

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