How much should you charge for a social media plan? If you’ve asked yourself that question, then this post interests you.

We’ll look at how much to charge to run a social platform, how to present a suitable social media management proposal to the client, and when to charge for your social media services as a social media manager.

Even as a beginner or freelancer in this service, it is very important to have a plan, including a standard budget for your clients.

See in this post how much to charge to take care of a social media!

How much should I charge for a social media plan?

How much to charge to take care of a social media?

Of course, social media management prices differ due to a variety of factors, from location to what type of service will be performed.

Likewise, there are companies that may have a larger budget dedicated to managing social networks, while others need a more limited cost-effective service.

There are brands that budget more because they can, others cannot and budget less, which does not imply the same work as a social media manager.

It depends on the means they have. Not all brands have thousands of dollars a month to invest. Everything matches your company’s budget and the results you seek.

So, what you have to keep in mind when deciding how much to charge for a social media plan, is that this value varies depending on the company that hires the service, how much needs to be done, the social networks managed and much more!

Keep reading to find out how much to charge for a social media plan!

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How much to charge to manage social media?

If a potential customer writes to you, especially if it’s the first one, expect a response tailored to your needs.

  1. First contact with the customer

The first thing to ask yourself is what do you need from social media, what do you think you need, which is not the same as what you really need. But there you have a state of the initial situation:

  1. Social media proposal

Now you need to have a social media proposal template ready to adapt to the new client:

  1. What budget do I allocate for social media?

Here comes the key part. Prices for managing social media for a company or personal brand have to be set according to several variables:

Taking all the variables, you will know how much time you will spend managing the client’s social networks.

It is essential that you calculate the time, because if you have several brands on social networks, the time you dedicate to each one is in accordance with the agreed budget and the time spent developing the tasks you have committed to.

A very common mistake when you start managing a company’s social media is being more generous than you should be, because it’s your first customer.

You don’t have to do this if your strategic plan and budget fit the client’s needs, and most importantly, yours. After all, you need to be able to manage your work well if you want to make a living out of it.

Social media management pricing table

As prices can vary greatly depending on the agency, professional, social network, etc. Let’s take a look at the DUNA Digital Marketing Agency‘s price list!

At DUNA, we determine management prices according to the benefits of each plan, check the following table with the starting prices:

Bronze – $390/month

Silver – $ 890/month

Gold – $ 1190/month

As you can see, with the addition of benefits, our plan becomes more expensive to match the service.

Visit the agência de marketing digital Portugal website to check out more information about our social media management plans and prices!

How to manage a company’s social media

A business on social media needs a strategy, which is usually reflected in social media planning.

To manage the social networks of a business, you need:

Well, now you know how much to charge for a social media plan. Now it’s your turn to take the first step and determine how much to charge to take care of a social media in your case.

Sometimes you will stay with a brand for years, or manage social media for a short time. It all depends on your work and your commitment to social media management!

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