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Digital Marketing Agency Duna is a company specialized in social media management, search engine services and paid traffic management with ten years of experience in this market.

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How Duna Helps Business Grow

We plan and create content for social media for businesses. By managing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, we are able to help you grow your business. We believe that by using digital marketing tools such as social media management, it’s possible to increase your reach and at the same time grow your number of clients.
While we’re at it, since we’re a digital marketing agency with other services available, it’s possible to intertwine benefits and make the best of your social media campaign for maximum advantages!

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What is a Social Media
Management Company?

Social media management can be tricky to many small business owners, also when it comes to keeping a consistent schedule of creating and posting content many business owners don’t have time for that. That’s when a social media management agency comes in and gives a helping hand on creating and planning content based on the client needs and their target audience.
By understanding your brand we’re able to help you grow through marketing on social media, which in comparison to traditional marketing, presents a better ROI. If you want a consultation or someone to help manage your social media, contact us at Digital Marketing Agency DUNA.

the advantages

Reasons to Hire a Social Media
Management Agency

Leveraging a social media marketing calendar with strategic content and copywriting will allow you to better understand your niche and the type of content that appeals to your audience.

Once you learn more about your customers through an organic social media strategy, you can successfully target them through advertising on these platforms.
Providing quality content to your audience allows your customers to respond and engage with your brand.

Having a social media management strategy humanizes your business and, in turn, provides opportunities for your followers to feel a connection to your brand over competitors.
Social media is the main channel to develop the unique qualities of your brand and show your differentials. Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects for a business to thrive on social media, and we are able to provide help with your branding, by creating content for your target audience with your objectives and business identity in mind.

To establish your brand recognition, your organization must develop durable qualities that distinguish you from competitors. With the growth of e-commerce accelerating in recent years, brand recognition in the highly digital market starts with a consistent and well-marked presence on social media. And we’re able to provide just that!
Brands that actively post on their social media channels and engage with their followers are considered more trustworthy. According to Hootsuite, 81% of people on Instagram use the platform to search for products and services. With that said, you could be losing out on potential customers and revenue by not adding content on social media that provides more details or information about your brand or your products and services.

It’s important to maintain engagement with your followers as they seek inspiration, education, and connection on your social media accounts. It’s a great way to increase customer loyalty and build an engaging and supportive community. In addition, through social media, you can more easily learn about the ideas and needs of your customers. These are some of the reasons why social media management done by an agency is worth it!

81% of people on Instagram use the platform to search for products and services

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can make it happen by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

our differentials

Reasons to choose DUNA as your social media management agency

A social media management company like Digital Marketing Agency DUNA helps complement your digital marketing efforts by providing expert social media marketing services. Not only do we have the time to devote to implementing your campaigns, we also have the skills and knowledge to ensure your social media efforts are a success! When it comes to social media management, you don’t have to do it alone.
As a social media management company, Digital Marketing Agency DUNA offers a variety of digital marketing services.

Services ranging from social media management to website optimization and development for your brand. With our team behind you, we have no doubt your business will grow!

Check the benefits you can achieve with our agency below:

We Have experience
with different industries

We’ve worked with different industries throughout the years on their digital marketing campaigns. Our range goes from social media management for schools, real estate, lawyers, dentists and many more.

We know a wide range of businesses and what is needed to grow them through social media. This is why you should trust us to acquire the results you’re looking for.

we analyse and
measure results

We analyze and measure the results of your campaigns with the goal of improving them. We will send you a report of the growth of your social networks monthly. So you’ll’ always be up to date on how your social media is doing.

This is very important, because not only will we showcase to you that our services are valuable, but this gives us a way of improving our services specifically for your business.

we offer customized plans
curated to your brand

Here in DUNA we understand the variety of needs that different businesses have, this is why we offer customizable plans for our clients.

By curating specific content for each of them, it’s possible to keep their goals in mind and explore everything that marketing on social media can achieve.

we understand
your goals

Along the years we’ve helped a lot of businesses kickstart their marketing strategies on social media. This helped them increase their number of clients and understand their brands more effectively through the response of their audience on social media.

When it comes to small business, we know that it can be complicated to grow and thrive in a saturated market, but here in DUNA we believe it’s possible to establish strategies capable of helping small businesses grow exponentially with the use of digital marketing.

for small businesses

How Much does Social Media Management Cost?

The price of social media management can vary greatly depending on the agency and the plans offered. Here at the Digital Marketing Agency DUNA we offer plans between R$590 to R$1290, with the possibility of having a fully customized plan for your company.
Our prices vary depending on how many posts you need to have on a week or a day, with our customized plan and you can also increase the number of platforms that are managed, adding more options to increase your reach.

Oftentimes we help small businesses grow, so we take that into account by offering budget friendly prices! Our goal here at Digital marketing Agency DUNA is to help businesses grow by offering them valuable and affordable services.

our pricing

social media service plans

Learn more about our social media services, from what they include to what they cost by viewing our monthly reporting plans or weekly reporting plans, below:
One Network


Two Networks


Two Networks


– OR –

target the right people

why businesses need
social media management

If you’re unfamiliar with what social media management can do for you, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Duna we can help you improve your ROI and at the same time grow your baseline of customers, all through social media management! By creating exclusive content catered to your public and the services you provide, we can grow your reach, be it on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube.
Social media platforms are a great tool for digital marketing because of their possibility of targeting the right public for your business. Also, while creating content for social media specifically for your target audience, we’re able to make your business become a voice of authority in your market. This is particularly necessary when acquiring quality leads that will turn to actual clients!
Our Digital Marketing Agency helps you grow your business by curating and managing your social media. We’re experts in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many more. We’ve managed multiple social media accounts of different businesses, helping them thrive on their respective markets. Be it a law firm, an ecommerce, real estate, or even a nonprofit organization, we can help you manage your social media and increase your reach with online advertising.
A social media management agency is capable of helping you acquire the goals you’ve established for your business.

we take it off your hands

the smart choice is to invest in a skilled outsourced team

With its increased reach over the years, it’s very unlikely for business to thrive in this market without using social media platforms. But all is not lost, with a social media management company by your side, it’s possible to increase your reach and therefore your number of clients.
By using effective digital marketing strategies we help our clients increase their reach while managing their social media and acquiring new quality leads based on their goals for their respective businesses!
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What does a Social Media
Management Agency do?

Helps you understand your audience
While social media platforms often offer some sort of monitoring tool of their own, getting a complete picture of who is engaging with your content can be difficult without a little help.

Fortunately, with social media management, you can get all the information you need to see who’s interacting with your content, how often, and where they’re coming from.

This will allow you to create a better strategy in the long run as you will know what works and what does not.
Schedule posts in advance
Posting at the right times is very important on social media, but it is not always possible to do so at the right time

That means you have to disrupt your day and post content at random times without much cohesion.

Social media management fixes all of that. It allows you to schedule posts in advance to go live whenever you see fit, not only that, but special occasions such as holidays, can be scheduled in advance to go live just at the right time!
Manage more than one account
Manage more than one account Given the state of social media today, one of the most difficult aspects to keep track of is the different accounts.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the sheer number of accounts you need to manage is more than enough to overwhelm business owners.

With social media management, all these accounts are managed by a specialized team that understands everything about these platforms. You’ll be able to have updated content on your profiles every week, with access to weekly and monthly plans to make sure all the content is fit to your standards.
Social media advertising
When it comes to advertising, social media may not be the first thought that comes to mind. But with its increased user base, it is no wonder that social media platforms have become a great way to advertise to the public.

Not only that, but those platforms allow businesses to target specific audiences that may have more interest in your products and services.

Here at Digital Marketing Agency DUNA we offer paid traffic management as a benefit of our social media management plans.

This allows for the creation and distribution of ads throughout social media, which in turn helps with finding quality leads and increases their conversions.

While it can get quite technical when it comes to social media advertising, with the help of our agency, there’s nothing to worry about!

what we offer

Digital Marketing Agency
Duna’s Services

Our social media management offers a wide range of benefits to our clients. One of the most prevalent ones is creating customized content.

By creating content capable of engaging the audience of our clients, we can help their business grow, all through social media management.

Be it content writing or even arts to go along with your posts, we offer all these benefits to help your profile reach better leads and grow organically!
Inbound marketing is one of the strategies most used by companies to attract their customers and create lasting relationships.

Nowadays, becoming a voice of authority within your clientele is one of the best ways to ensure they will look to you for business when they need it. We create quality content for your brand to gain authority and increase your reach.
We create and send emails to your target audience. We work with capturing and creating campaigns to attract and convert more customers. Email marketing is a growing technique among companies willing to increase their audience reach.

Through copywriting techniques we’re able to engage our clients’ customers in an organic and genuine way.
Creation and optimization of websites, ecommerces and blogs to attract customers. Our Layouts are responsive (they adapt to all devices, whether PC, Tablets or cell phones).

In our agency we have professionals specialized in UX design who can help our clients have the best website possible.
Advertising has come a long way with the use of social media platforms, nowadays it’s possible to reach your target audience and expand your number of customers.

By creating and managing customized advertisements for businesses on social media, we help our clients increase their reach.
We are Google experts. Reach the best positions on Google by hiring our services! We use the best techniques to position your site in the best ranking positions on Google and other search engines.
A landing page is one of the best ways to convert your leads into customers. By creating a visually appealing page with effective call-to-actions we can help you turn those leads into paying customers.
With our services, we can help you create videos for your YouTube channel, also, with our knowledge on SEO and social media marketing, we can help you optimize your Youtube channel, helping increase your engagement and therefore your audience!

how social media marketing works

social media sales funnel

You may be asking yourself, “What can a social media marketing company do for me?” The biggest benefit our social media marketing agency can provide you with is more time and a higher ROI at a minimal cost.
The key to creating a successful social media management campaign (or any digital marketing campaign for that matter!) is the ability to lower your CPA (cost per acquisition) and maximize your ROI (return on investment). The reason we help so many businesses with their social media marketing is because social media provides them the avenue to do just this.

your options

Best Social Media Platforms
for Business

Every business needs a Facebook page, without a doubt. However, is Facebook the best platform for businesses to engage their customers and prospects? Although Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms today, it is still a challenge for businesses to engage and interact with Facebook users.Often, to attract more likes, companies need to utilize features such as Facebook groups and ads, in addition to maintaining regular posts.

This is why Facebook really thrives on social media management, having an agency taking care of your profile allows for maximum use of Facebook advantages, such as Facebook Ads, target audience marketing, organic follower engagement and much more!
Instagram is a social networking app for sharing photos and videos. It allows you to share a wide variety of content such as photos, videos, stories and live videos.

As a brand, you can have a business profile on Instagram, to help drive audience engagement and increase sales. In addition, as it is a strictly visual social network, some businesses can be very successful on the platform through well-crafted images. With good Instagram management, the growth on the platform and therefore your sales can increase by a lot.

Here at DUNA we offer specific social management for Instagram, curated to have the best results possible on this platform, by creating exclusive content such as Instagram Stories and visually appealing art to go with your posts. Social media management on Instagram is without a doubt the best way to grow a business nowadays!
The platform for corporate professionals, LinkedIn, might seem like an obvious candidate if your business is the B2B type.

Individuals create professional looking profiles and companies can set up interesting company pages. This growing platform can be a great way to showcase your business and find new clients by distributing relevant content that appeals to your target audience.

By creating content for your profile on LinkedIn we’re able to help you become a voice of authority on your market, and therefore increase your reach and number of customers organically!
Videos on YouTube can be found by anyone who searches for a specifc keyword. And, if you attract subscribers, they can be notified as soon as you post new content, which helps keep the audience active on your channel.

However, the simple technical requirement of creating and posting video is often a daunting challenge for small business owners. While it’s becoming easier and easier to create quality videos and posts, it’s still intimidating. Companies that overcome this challenge, however, can make the most of the YouTube platform to increase their audience engagement.

And what better way of overcoming these challenges than hiring a social media management agency for your YouTube channel? Here at DUNA we offer editing, consultation and optimization for your YouTube channel. By helping increase your audience through quality content and SEO we can make a difference on your platform.
Pinterest is part social network and part search engine. It consists of digital panels where the user can save products, project ideas and inspiring images.

For businesses, it’s a perfect place to share product images, unique DIY ideas, recipes, and unique visual content. Pinterest was launched in 2010 and since then has amassed over 400 million monthly active users.

By helping you manage your Pinterest account we can increase your engagement and help advertise your brand on the platform.
Twitter gained notoriety as a microblogging site that only included text posts of up to 140 characters. Since its release in 2006, it has increased the character limit and now allows the user to share other media such as photos and videos.

Twitter is still widely used among general consumers. Mainly to see news and keep up to date on events around the world. Additionally, it can be a useful site for interaction, such as joining Twitter chats in your industry or responding to customers who have questions about customer service.


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“Duna has taken over our social media posts and it has been a great relief not having to worry about it while still having great content posted daily.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social media management?

Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, promoting and managing content across social media channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter.

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company's social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility, be it through ads or content marketing.

What is the minimum contract term?

We believe in long-term relationships, we have companies that have been working with us for 10 years. But we usually close a 1-year contract, so we can deliver better results!

How does content creation and social media posts work?

The material posted on your social media will be according to your audience. They can be texts, arts (images), your Blog Post (articles on your website) and videos. All material posted will be according to the profile of the customer you want to reach, or the social media you want to manage. Each platform has its characteristics. An example is Instagram, it is a social media that works very well with Images and short videos. Understanding the platform is important to achieve better results!

How can I attract customers to my business?

There are several ways, the most common ones nowadays are through social media posts and advertisements. We can create ads and take people to your social media, website or anywhere else.

Will I need to create content or post something?

We will make all the texts and all the arts for publication. But the client will have full access to their social platforms and will also be able to make posts, lives etc…

How can I get my customers' data on social networks?

Through ads we can attract your potential customer to go to your website, fill out a form on a landing page or follow your profile on social media. This way it's possible to keep track of who your target audience is and create content on top of that.

How many services can I hire?

You can hire as many plans as you want and we can negotiate the price of each social media contracted separately. If the plan you want does not have the appropriate price for your campaign, we will create a strategy according to your project. If you have more than one company or social media to manage, contact us and we will negotiate a plan and prices for your social networks.

What do I need to get started?

The first step is to make a diagnosis of your company, to understand how it works so far. After this step, we will identify your target audience, once your audience on social media and their goals have been identified, we move on to the content creation step.

What is Facebook ADS, Instagram ADS and Linkedin ADS?

Facebook Ads are advertisements served within Instagram and Facebook's platform itself. We can also link this ad with Instagram in your social media strategy, all within the contracted plan and price.

You already know LinkedIn, a social network dedicated to professional and business networking. The professional character of the network represents a very interesting advertising channel for certain segments, such as B2B companies.

Here in DUNA we can create advertisements curated to your business and target audience on different platforms.

How does paid traffic management work?

The client can invest in ads according to their goals. For Example, he can invest 50.00 or 1,000.00 monthly. Or even not investing in a given month and investing in the other. It's all according to what the client wants and their goals.

If I don't like something, can I request a change?

Yes, our goal is to meet your expectations! All material is sent for approval, texts, images or videos. We will accommodate all changes, just ask us and we'll change it to fit your standards!

How does customer engagement on social media work?

To capture customers on social media there are several ways, a few examples are: paid advertisement, messages, through videos, directing to forms or websites. In short, it all depends on the client's objective.

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